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Best of BE tour 2020 – now available online!

Due to the UK Government guidelines regarding COVID-19, we have sadly had to cancel our Best of BE Tour visits to venues across the UK. However, we are delighted to announce that our exhilarating triple bill is now available to watch online – and for free! Whether you’re self-isolating, working from home, or business as usual, sit back and enjoy three spellbinding performances from Belgium, Switzerland, and Hungary.

The Best of BE UK Tour 2020 will be available to view until April 19th. You can watch the performances on our Vimeo profile. Don’t forget to show your support to our artists by liking the videos and leaving a comment! 

And while you’re here… why not support BE FESTIVAL with a donation? This is a challenging and unprecedented time for us all, but we continue to talk to all the artists, organisations and staff members we were committed to about the future of the festival. Despite having to cancel our Best of BE UK tour dates, we have paid all those who were working on its delivery in full. If you would like to make a donation to the future of the festival and programmes we deliver, however small, you can do that following this link. Thank you. 


Each year, BE FESTIVAL packages up to three of their favourite shows from their international festival and sends them on a tour of the UK. Out on the road this year is an all-female line up from Belgium, Switzerland and Hungary. The three companies will showcase snapshots of storytelling, dance, physical theatre, in three 30-minute shows all in one exhilarating evening. In Precedents To A Potential Future, Anna Biczók mixes memories, imagination and shifting perspectives to explore how these sensations create a phenomenon that we understand as an ‘experience’. Hannah De Meyer’s Levitations is a dark, funny and surreal trip around Hannah’s universe, where hope and despair, being and not being, sexuality, love and death rub shoulders. In The Sensemaker Woman’s Move is a mute dancer who panics and strains to keep her tightly orchestrated routine in time – the protagonist is pushed to the limit.

Dates & Venues


  • 12 – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry (tickets)
  • 16 – Oxford Playhouse, Oxford (tickets)
  • 19 – Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax (tickets)
  • 20 – Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate (tickets)
  • 21 – The Lowry Theatre, Salford (tickets)
  • 23 – Carriageworks, Leeds (tickets)
  • 24 – CAST, Doncaster (tickets)
  • 25 – Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth (tickets)
  • 26, 27 – Circomedia, Bristol (tickets)


The Sensemaker

Precedents to a Potential Future


by Hannah De Meyer (Belgium)

Concept / Director:
Hannah de Meyer

Hannah de Meyer

Light design:
Peter Missotten

Frascati Producties


Thanks to:
Lut Lievens, Jo D’Hoore, Daan Couzijn, Rik De Meyer, Dries Segers, Marieke De Zwaan, Rosie Sommers.

Levitations by Belgium’s Hannah De Meyer is a dark, funny and surreal trip around Hannah’s universe. She effortlessly crafts together movement and poetry where hope and despair, being and not being, sexuality, love and death rub shoulders. 

Hannah De Meyer graduated from the Maastricht Theatre Academy in 2015 with Solace, for which she received the TAZ-Young Theatre Award 2015. Her work relates to the ecological-feminist tradition and investigates the connections between femininity, ecology and decolonisation. She seeks the extreme in her work, in the stillness, the meditative and the shocking.

The Sensemaker

by Woman's Move (Switzerland)

Choreographer / Director:
Elsa Couvreur

Elsa Couvreur

Set design:
Elsa Couvreur

Costume design:
Elsa Couvreur

Sound design:
Elsa Couvreur

Lighting design:
Marc Gaillard

Photography credits:
Sébastien Moitrot


In The Sensemaker, Woman’s Move contrast music and spoken word in a chopped-and-spliced soundtrack to create a story of managing expectations. Smartly dressed, waiting beside the phone, we watch the mute protagonist of this one-woman show as she’s slowly stretched to her limits. Straining to keep her tightly orchestrated routine in time, panicked looks and jerky motions appear, as dance steps are just about matched to a quick-switching backing track. Flipping between different languages and genres of music – calling to mind the arduous ecosystem of the EU bureaucracy – she’s gradually pushed to the limit.

Woman’s Move is a company, born of three artists’ desire to collaborate on projects spanning contemporary dance, music and design.

Precedents to a Potential Future

by Anna Biczóck (Hungary)

Choreography and performance:
Anna Biczók

Vince Varga

Ligh design and technician:
Kata Dézsi

Emese Kasza (MEI KAWA)

With the support of:
SÍN Arts and Culture Centre (H), Workshop Foundation (H), Ministry of Human Capacities (H), The Hungarian Culture Institute in Warsaw (CZ), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (H), Fundacija cialo/umysl (CZ), Hungarian Cultural Year of Poland 2016/17 (CZ), Centrum Sztuki Wspólczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski (CZ), National Cultural Fund (H)

In Precedents To A Potential Future, Anna Biczóck mixes memories, imagination and shifting perspectives. Her solo lecture-performance explores how these sensations create a phenomenon that we understand as an ‘experience’. Anna Biczóck is a dance artist, performer, choreographer based in Budapest. She performed at BE FESTIVAL in 2017 with Timothy and Things. Precedents To A Potential Future was first played at Cialo/Umysl Festival, Warsaw and was developed under the umbrella of a long-term Polish-Hungarian co-production, Time and Dance.