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Best of BE FESTIVAL 2013

Travel across Europe in a night

This autumn, BE FESTIVAL will again tour the UK – and for the first time, Spain. You can see three award-winning festival favourites in one night, each half an hour long. The shows are followed by a chaired discussion with all the performers.

It’s a unique chance to see the very best of Europe in one evening, so BE part of it.

This tour is possible thanks to the support of:
Arts Council England
International Young Makers in Action
Institut français du Royaume-Uni
Newman University, Birmingham

Dates & Venues



Al Cubo

Tao Te

Next Door

Al Cubo

Betti Combo (France)

Choreographer / Director
Cristian Coumin & Cie BettiCombo

Cie BettiCombo

Francesco Caspani
Ilaria Senter
Fabrizio Rosselli

Lighting design
Hélène Tourmente

Creation Assistant
Dominiqe Habouzit


with the support of

And the support of Studio-PACT (Pépinière des Arts du Cirque Toulousaine), dispositif mutualisé Lido-Grainerie
Espace Périphérique (Ville de Paris – Parc de la Villette)
Dispositif Faber (Auch, France)
Le Lido (Toulouse, France) Centre des Arts et du Cirque de Toulouse

rehearsal space
La Grainerie (Toulouse, France), La Cloche (Cazéres s/ Garonne, France), Theatre du Mazades (Toulouse, France) ,L’Estruch
(Sabadell, Espagne), The Generating Company (Alles s/ Dordogne, France)

Three buffoon characters search for the perfect construction, the most fragile balance, using plastic buckets and a Chinese pole. Exploding on stage with enthusiasm and clumsiness, they help and defy each other in equal measure.

The show premiered in 2012 in Madrid as part of the Contemporary Circus Marathon. The trio behind Betti Combo first met at Flic Circus School in 2008, and later trained together at Le Lido circus school in Toulouse, where this show was developed. The long format show “Alcubo” will premier at the beginning of 2014.

Tao Te

Ferenc Fehér (Hungay)

Ferenc Fehér, Balázs Szitás

Ferenc Fehér, Ákos Dózsa

Ferenc Fehér

Sound and light
Dávid Kovácsovics

Ferenc Fehér

Ksenija Spanec

Supported by
NEFMI, NKA, Workshop Foundation, Katlan Csoport

Veszprém, Hungary – 14th National and International Contemporary Dance Festival, Main Award (2011)

Rudolf Lábán Prize – The Best Contemporary Dance Performance of year in Hungary (2010)

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria – 15. MASDANZA International Choreography Contest, III. prize (2010)


Winner: ACT-Arriaga International Touring Prize, BE FESTIVAL 2013

The ancient text Tao Te Ching encourages the quest for a virtuous and meaningful life, but also describes the potential for failure. This tension is explored through an intensely physical dance: a story of two men embroiled in a series of conflicts, struggles and failures. Can they finally find the harmony they crave?

Ferenc Fehér has developed a unique style combining freestyle dance and martial arts. He has been touring his work internationally since 2007.

Next Door

Out of Balanz (Denmark)

Choreographer / Director
Katrina Bugaj

Ivan Hansen & Out of Balanz

Ivan Hansen
His neighbour

Set design
Katrina Bugaj

Costume design
Noora Salmi

Sound design
M.L. Dogg

Lighting design
Teemu Nurmelin

Andreas Janett

with the support of
The Danish Arts Council, The Nordic Culture Point, The Nordic Culture Foundation and The Finnish Arts Council/Taiteen Keskustoimikunta


Winner: 1st Prize and Audience Prize, BE FESTIVAL 2013

When Ivan Hansen’s neighbour passes away, Ivan realizes he doesn’t know anything about him. As he puzzles over this, Ivan begins to wonder what it is that connects us… A blend of personal memories, shared stories and melodies to remember.

Out of Balanz is an award-winning, international theatre ensemble based in Copenhagen, recognized for their highly collaborative creative process.