Be Festival

As the flames rose we danced to the sirens, the sirens by Sleepwalk Collective (Spain)

Lara is starting to fear the worst. She’s looking for a roomful of strangers whose arms she can fall into. And whilst she knows that she cannot necessarily be trusted, and may not be entirely deserving of help, tonight she would like to put herself in your hands…

In an hour of troubling intimacy, Sleepwalk Collective chop up and replay the iconography of B-movies and early cinema in a joyous and desperate attempt to re-work cinematic and cultural clichés into something heartfelt and profound.

“An unsettlingly languid but hauntingly touching display of live-art tragi-comic stand-up” ***** (THE HERALD)

Sleepwalk Collective is an award-winning live-art and experimental theatre group creating intimate performance experiences between the UK and Spain.

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