Be Festival

Amusements by Sleepwalk Collective (UK/Spain)

Like some backroom carnival ride / lo-fi sci-fi pleasure machine / psychedelic Hispan-ploitation micro-epic / end-of-the-pier minimalist live-art spectacular, AMUSEMENTS is an insolent, tempestuous new solo work.

Intensely sensorial, using a complex score of live and pre-recorded text and music experienced through headphones, the performance is both a joyous dance towards the limits of pleasure and an unsettlingly voyeuristic tribute to our private desires.

“You are an audience. You are a machine for watching.
Remember everything.”

Capacity for AMUSEMENTS is limited to 120, so if you are unable to see it after dinner on Saturday, you will have another chance on Sunday at 1pm. Sunday’s performance will be followed by the final Feedback Café.

Developed with the support of Factoría de Fuegos Vitoria-Gasteiz, mac Birmingham and BE FESTIVAL.

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