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In Between Invisible Screens with Klaus Erich Dietl & Stephanie Müller

Ready to take off the blinkers? The workshop invites you to focus on your own insecurities and reservations, allowing you to leave your comfort zone and explore the blank pages of your artistic practice. The workshop will focus principally on collaborative strategies. Using visual techniques and art they encourage self-introspection and ask you to take a closer look at our own self-made borders and create flexibility with those.

Klaus and Stephanie are based in the midst of a buzzing collective of artists and DIY activists in Munich, Germany. Together they provide platforms for interdisciplinary dialogue and exchange. They are leading this year’s visual arts strand.

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Meet in The Hub @ 10.15am

Booking: Email requests to from June 1st with your proof of festival ticket purchase. There may be the opportunity to sign up on the day, subject to availability.


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