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(remor) by Res de Res & Artigues (Spain)

(remor) is an intimate ‘locked room’ mystery lasting 11 minutes, for just 15 people at a time. Share a prison cell with a couple, trying to piece together the mysterious death of their relationship. After premiering in Mallorca in 2011, the show won a Total Theatre Award for Best Physical & Visual Theatre at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe.

Res de Res are known around the world for their pioneering approach: integrating circus skills into physical theatre.

“What follows in a piece that is cleverly structured to snake back upon itself is an extraordinary pas de deux of loss and longing that could be taking place all in the mind or in entirely different places.”

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Choreographer / Director
Marta Barceló & Joan Miquel Artigues

Marta Barceló & Joan Miquel Artigues

Marta Barceló
Joan Miquel Artigues

Original score
Joana Gomila

Recording of original score
Joana Gomila & Maialen Araolaza

Set design
Biel Jordà & Tomeu Estelrich

Costume advice
Maria Miró


Graphic design
Pere Joan Oliver

Produced by
Res de Res & Joan Miquel Artigues

With the support of


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