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Tsunami by R14 | Julien Grosvalet (France) – 25 min

A visually arresting physical performance and choreography where light conjures and distorts an abundance of ideas connected to natural and personal disasters. Five dancers interweave their bodies and shadows creating a flow of force in the quest for balance. Ultimately this is a piece about resilience, our personal resilience and the tools that make us stronger. R14 was officially conceived back in 2014 with the emergence of Julien Grosvalet’s debut work, Forbidden Light. Tsunami is the third public work.

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Friday 6th July – 7:45 pm

Julien Grosvalet

Created and Performed by:
Laida Aldaz Arrieta
Grégory Alliot
Lise Blanc-Fassier
Arthur Orblin
Gaël Rougegrez
Régis Badel

Sound Design:
Erwan Coutant

Bérengère Marin
Assisted by:
Julien Grosvalet

Light Design:
Vincent Saout

External Advisor:
Jean-Christophe Paré

[H]ikari Production.


Supported by:

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